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My commentry on the tale of my encounter with a racist.

I had an interesting experience on FB over the past few days as someone had taken offence to a post that I posted regarding Australia Day that I found whilst looking for material to present Australia Day to the twins for our days lesson, which you can find out here what we eventually did cover.

I don't normally write about my experiences but I thought I would share it anyway as it may be amusing to some at how silly these people actually do come across.

The post was one of two that I posted, the first one was a post of a few descendants of Aborigines giving their thought on Australia day entitled Aboriginal People Respond To “Australia Day”

The caption that I chose to put on the post was quotes from people in the video:-
'Australia Day, a day that marks the beginning of the rapes and massacres!... 'Happy survival Day'.....'

What came after was quite an interesting response:-

An interesting comment to say the least. I am not quite sure from what angle this person is coming from, I can only take a guess from their next lot of postings, they are supremacist who believes that only the European perspective should be told, and the perspectives and history of those that had lands grabbed and had to suffer the atrocities they did, should be silenced and their history forgotten, one sided history is what I am guessing they are asking for here.

To be fair I don't think the person was being particularly supremacist at this point,  I just thought they where a bit 'not very bright' on these topics, and are just a bit of a control freak in what they want to see posted and not posted.

There are campaigns for the date to be changed as many people find it offensive and insensitive to be celebrating on such a day as 26th January, taking into account the events that occurred, people are asking for it to be moved so that the achievements of all Australians can be celebrated, people are not asking it to be banned, why should a country not celebrate their achievements?

The reasons why some aboriginal people find it offensive can be found here

So yes whilst there has been achievements, great achievements at that, there where still victims of that achievement, and why should their story be forgotten because it makes some people uncomfortable, it is part of history and that cannot be erased as much as some may think it should be, and the natives find it offensive so who is anyone to tell them what they should be offended by, that is just ludicrous.

The next posting was quite a long one, normally I would just block the person and forget about them but I thought as it was on my profile and they where clearly trying to give me a message that they did not want me posting anything referring to  historical events so I though I would let them continue voicing their opinion and see if we could find out why? unfortunately not much of an opinion came out other than that they where racist.

Here is the beginning of the long posting which resulted in an onslaught of abuse.

'Forget about it and move on' was the first comment, I was slightly perplexed about that comment considering it was 'Australia Day' and there where thousands of people celebrating and remembering history, their orders to forget about it and move on where very odd, and again not sure where the person was coming from, as you can see from my comment I always find people who think chunks of history should be forgotten very odd people and the only conclusion that can be made about people who come out with such comments is that they feel superior and believe that any history of a people or people's other than white Europeans is unimportant, and that these people are inferior to them and should not matter, so why bother people with their stories just forget about them and move on. 

As you can see in this case I assume if they had better grasp of the English language they would have actually said something more like 'its fine to celebrate Australia Day but only tell the invaders story not the natives story'....

My opinion is that days like Australia Day are perfect opportunities to remember those victims and their ancestors and raise awareness of their plights and injustices they still face today.

So my only conclusion to arrive at is that they are a white supremacist.

 The plot thickens with their next posting:-

Now at this point I couldn't work out if they where just deranged or not, History causes you pain?.. I was creasing with laughter at this point and wondering how anyone could come up with that conclusion........It started to dawn on me at this point that they clearly where not a fan of History and suffered from a bout of amnesia, as you will probably have already spotted. They claim to be not giving me 'abrupt orders' but unfortunately their post of 'forget it and move on' is  kind of exactly that, What was more interesting is who this person thinks they are, telling me what I can and cannot be interested in, that was a bit creepy to be fair... 

The comment of join the real world was also a bit odd, what real world is that then? I hope he wasn't referring to 'his' real world as it looks a bit messy in there, and not one I would actually want to join in with.

Not really sure where their head is at this point but clearly it was in a mess.... If it was wearing him down then I am not sure why he would not just unfriend, so he did not have to see it any more, his problem would have been solved, if he meant wearing 'me' down I would be interested to know how he came to that conclusion maybe he posses super powers that no one else has and can actually look into someone emotional state and tell them how they are feeling, wow he could make a mint from possessing such a super power, although I wouldn't pay him as his diagnosis was more than a tad off.

This person was just dribbling really because they obviously don't like history very much and preferred if I did not post any more, am not sure why they just did not unfriend instead, maybe they are just rude like that and would prefer to attempt to control what people like and dislike, who knows, looking into the mind of a mad man is like looking into the abyss

And then in bounds in Mr I am.....this is where it really gets funny...

Now I have to admit this took me by surprise not just because it was a full day after the exchange with the first Mr I Am bounding in and trying to tell me what I can and cannot do, but by the sheer hate in his language in the posting, I felt really sorry for him as he must have sat there reading and been enraged that anyone would have the audacity to speak back to his friend and not do as they where told. 

By the looks of it the fact I was none white seemed to have a profound affect on him, he seems to have the opinion that calling someone a white supremacist is racist, lol... Yes I know ludicrous but there you have it, as I said looking in to the mind of a mad man is like looking in the abyss. Maybe someone could give him a dictionary or someone could explain what the word racist means:-

Racism is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior,

I am not sure that posting about historical social injustice based on race is actually classed as 'Racist'.. ..Or pointing out to someone that they are a white supremacist due to their superior attitudes against what should and should not be shared regarding history.

Although we are well aware of racists tactics in any discussion like this they tend to try and turn the racist card away from themselves, why I am not sure because it is seldom very effective.

I was quite excited by his 'Cracker' 'Honkey' comment, not often you get people admitting openly to be a cracker in such an open and honest way but I have to give him his due, he was honest and never let his self labelling let him down throughout.

So I though I would play to his self labelled persona... Naughty but it was a bit of fun with the plonker....

We had already established that this person is not a full shilling in any sense of the word, so a little play was in order, what came next really had his true colours shining through... It would have been offensive and I could have easily got offended that any lowlife would bring my children into anything but as I had already established they where clearly suffering with a mental health issue it was more of a feeling of pity I had for them, as you can see they where clearly getting angry and upset that I found them amusing and was now mocking their superiority complex.

The next bit also had me creasing.... 

I have to confess.... he is correct, I am not a 'Mancunian' by birth I am from Derby, a Derby lass I am, but as Manchester has pretty much been my home since toddlerdom, I class myself as a 'Mancunian'... and no I don't see Bananas growing in Manchester but if he wanted some, Tesco usually have them stocked up...

I have to admit again, not something I have actually attempted to ever do, type and swing from a tree, maybe this could be something I can put on my bucket list of things to do before I could be fun, maybe I could even set a world record and be the first... Great idea, given me something to think about....

I have to say, there are plenty of supremacists that equally cause problems if not more so....and I am pretty sure Mississippi is being re-built slowly but surely over time, and I would have though that would be an economic factor and not much to do with the 'niggers being on welfare'....  Pretty unfair analysis of Mississippi really....

This next one just proved he was dragging things from the bottom of the bag now..

Not much commentary on this really.... not sure why he would want to swing bananas or send them back to Africa, I don't think they actually need any more Bananas, I am pretty sure they have enough...

That was pretty much it, but I think we all got the message that he doesn't like historical oppression posts being posted, probably due to his low mentality and thoughts that posting a post on such topics is racist.

It really does show up the poor education system really when you have products like that coming out the other end, but I can't really blame the education he received as he is well into his 40's now and has had plenty of years to educate himself in the ways of the world.

I often wonder what makes someone turn out like that and always come back to the 'looking into a mad man's mind is like looking in to the abyss', so even slightly looking into their world is not something on my agenda, although I do believe Louis Theroux once did an episode on these kinds of people, might be worth checking out, the documentary which is 70 minutes long is here

There are also some other documentaries around racism this one on a history of racism, which I have linked here if you are interested, I have not actually watched this one yet but I will find time in the coming weeks to take a peek, it could be interesting..

However as we have seen some human traits are not very attractive and once unleashed can be pretty damaging to ones mental health, I think these people are to be pitied and would maybe benefit from some kind of mental health support.

Although it did feel like they where somewhat mentally immature and maybe a little mentally impaired and had not realised they where actually in their 40's, their supremacy traits are something that cannot really be excused even as funny as they came across, these people are a scourge on society and really do need to be controlled in some way but as that is not a possibility I will take advantage of this opportunity to share my story instead......

I will leave you with this nice speech....

The Australian Dream...

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