Sunday, 27 March 2016

Busy doing nothing....on Easter Sunday.

We had a 'do nothing' day today, apart from cook a Roast Beef for dinner I had a very relaxed day.

This was not a planned do nothing day, what we had planned to do was clean the car inside and out and clear the garden and get the junk ready for the tip on Tuesday, but I took one look at the weather and decided on a 'do nothing' day.

So between eating lots of Easter Eggs and watching films like Watership Down and James Bond and a couple of documentaries about Dinosaurs all day 'our do nothing day' was a success....

Not a spec of dirt was moved, not a dirty sock hit my washer and not a toy was moved to it's toybox, although I did do the washing up, (well the dishwasher did that for me, but hey... I had to load it).

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