Monday, 28 March 2016

Roundup Of Learning Focus on Historical Change in The way we live.

Today we have been working on something for our History Group presentation in April, which will actually be the last one.

At first we thought of presenting something on the History of Peace Symbols around the World which we had the idea to do, due to seeing the peace symbol display in the Museum the other day and also our ongoing project on symbols used in everyday life.

We have started this project already and have a half complete powerpoint already in progress, you can take a peek here...

We then started a discussion about some of the things we have learnt about history during the past year and decided to present a presentation on what we have been focusing on during the year, which is how people's lives have changed throughout history, how history is a process of historical links throughout time and that we are not just made the way we are in fact the way we are and live is due to a series of historical events.

Throughout this past year we have visited different houses throughout time ranging from the stone age caves, Celtic Homes, Saxon Homes, Poor people homes, rich people's homes, we have also visited things like food and how food is produced through the ages, we looked at fashion throughout the ages, Language and how language has changed to the introduction of the dictionary in the 1600's.
We even looked at how borders have changed through battles and political change.

Superstitions and how they affected and effect people' lives such as witches and some of the things we do today around superstition like avoid walking under ladders.

I will update here when we have completed our presentation on what we have learnt since last September about history and how people's lives have changed over time.

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