Thursday, 31 March 2016

Bit of an odd day today and the mystery locked door....

It has been a bit of an odd day today, the weather has been glorious so the kids have been out most of the day, they had their first official picnic lunch in the garden and made a collection of animals in a little tin that they intend to feed for a few days and then apparently let go, they made a den with the garden chairs and some blankets and quite frankly look like they are wearing the garden and nobody owned them, I should have taken a photo before they changed and washed for tea but I am sure there will be plenty of other opportunities that will arise to show just how grubby these two can get in just a few hours.

My kitchen is of course now full of mud they have dragged in from the garden, between the kids and the dog's my floors are never clean.

There has been no focused work today but we talked about voting again as the voting card came through the post for the local election and we started to discuss the European vote coming up in June, the kids are keen on politics and we often have little discussions, they really do have a dislike for Cameron. We talked about what by-elections are as they made the comment that it wasn't that long since we last voted, so I explained that it was a by-election due to the death of our local councillor Michael Meacher, it's all very confusing for them, but they keep the questions coming.

We also did a bit of sign language this morning, Olivia is very keen on sign language and has been learning bits for a long time since she was introduced to Mr Tumble, we have a free program from Learn Sign language The easy Way This is something that sits there and we dip in now and again, today was a day when she wanted to brush up on what she already knows.

We also did a little bit on our Mystery Science Project on Earth, this is a great science site that is free until the end of the school year. They have little projects you can do whilst you learn and again video based which is great for the way we learn.

I have felt off this week and tired all the time and I really did not even have any motivation to do any ebay postage today, I did print the postage off and intended to pick and pack and take them to the courier depot but it does not appear to have happened and there are quite a few to do with it being month end and everyone gets paid.

I feel tired and grumpy, I had intended to do a tip run today and do some work in the garden but that was wishful thinking and why I had those ideas in the first place I will never know,  it is year end so there are lots of other things far more important like updating software and doing final submissions for PAYE and contacting clients to get ready for me collecting their books.

I love my Quickbooks, it makes the accounts so much easier than anything else I have used, it's just a couple of clicks and downloads and it is done, all updated for another year.

I can now concentrate on getting all the data up to date and then we can get things filed and forgotten about for another year, ha ha, yes I wish, clients will be trickling in now right up until December when the Tax year end deadline looms in January.

Although I did nothing that I had planned to do we did get an awful lot done, sadly most of it was computer based today for me so I did not manage to get much sun, but a lot of loose ends tied up and the kids had a good day too..

The strangest thing to happen was the living room door mysteriously being blocked from the other side, so no one could get into the living room  I have the kids book Case next to the door and it appears that the draw has been left open slightly and this has stopped us from getting through the door, worst thing is the space left to shove a hand in isn't even wide enough to fit the kids hand through so we are a bit stuck, I have no idea how the door could have been closed, there must have been some force to make the door close leaving the door to the cabinet still open.

I tried every which way to open the door and nothing has worked we are pretty much locked out of our living room with no way in, I am a bit desperate now though as I have ebay picking and packing to do and with not doing it early this morning it really does have to be done, so I think my only option is to kick the door down, literally, I cannot get to the hinges to unscrew them as the gap is non existent on that side and as I have no other way.

I am not impressed to be fair and it is going to cost me a fortune for a new door and all the materials and  tools to fit it and where do I start with that one, I have no idea, I can feel anxiety kicking in on this one..... It is just going to have to look unattractive for a while until I can find the massive amounts that it will take to pay to have a door and the fitting that these things usually cost, very annoyed, very annoyed indeed.....

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