Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Goodbye Bank holiday Weekend...

It has been a back to normal day today, well semi back to normal.

Work dispatching ebay parcels which sold in my ebay store over the bank holiday commenced this morning, 4 days worth of packages took longer than usual to get through and although Tuesday is normally an auction/buying day, today I decided with everything else on I would knock it on the head considering I have an awful lot of stock purchased over the past month that I have to sort and get listed, including still having some client stock to list and another new client waiting in the wings for me to collect, so instead we did what we usually do without the buying day.

The kids spent a lot of the morning playing in the garden with the dogs and playing with the chickens and by lunchtime they had decided to continue working on their timeline for our history project, creating different houses through time, they drew pictures, coloured in and made a Tudor house model.

We then did a bit of revision on English covering punctuation, nouns and adjectives, verbs and adverbs, for this we have been using and taking guidance from the Letts English Success Revision Guide, we also started looking at our new book for the week, The Secret Garden. There are lots of worksheets online to accompany The Secret Garden, so if we have time during this week, we may do some worksheets and work on some grammar, depending how our other projects are going.

Olivia expressed her interest at learning more about money, this is not something that has concerned them much, they both know money and which pence is which, and the difference between pence and pounds, but Olivia wanted to do some 'working out change' worksheets, so I printed some off for her to have a crack at. Money is not often something that comes up in our house, and there is rarely any cause for them to come into contact with money due to us always buying things via debit card, but I may make an effort over the coming months to purchase things with cash and let them do the working out themselves.

We had a discussion about salt and how it is made, Salt has been prominent for the past few days since they watched a video (by chance) on how sea salt is processed and we where also near a Salt Factory Museum Visitors Centre whilst in Northwich the other day at the boat lift, which they have both expressed an interest in visiting at some point, so salt is a little bit 'there' right now, they decided to see what happens to the salt when mixed with water, so they had their own private experiment going on which I was not privy to the details of, although a safety talk was given beforehand when they let me know their plan, the only time they let me into what they where doing with their experiment was when Oliver knocked the beaker over and blamed it on Olivia and all hell broke loose so that was the indication it was time to take a trip to the courier drop off point with the parcels, and we went on to visit the farm shop where we buy the chicken supplies and dog food from, we came home and had a lazy chippy tea..

We are trying to fit and cram quite a bit of work in this week, as next week we are out every day, and there will be hardly any time for any sit down focused work between flitting from one place to another and I really want to get this history project down on paper and well under way.

We have quite a few projects on the go at the moment and it is driving me nuts, so much unfinished work hanging around, it will feel like a huge achievement to finish a project before we start on another, so I am determined that this History project covering what we have learnt about history will be the last new project for while, whether the twins allow me to achieve that is another story.... 

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