Sunday, 20 March 2016

Catch UP...

It's been a while since I made a post so thought I would do a round up of some of the things we have been up to....

If you have read previous posts you will know I had a difficult time at Xmas in loosing quite a bit of money on my ebay store, but that has all be sorted out and with plenty of money to catch up with, money that should have been available for Xmas has emerged so we have been enjoying a few weeks of spending.

The Garden has been the main beneficiary and we had added a small greenhouse so that we can grow a few veg and start our grow your own potatoes project from the potatoe council, we did this last year and had to grow them inside due to pets and cats knocking around, so this year we may get a better crop, chitting is underway and  we are excited to be collecting our compost this week. We have also added a few different varieties of veg to grow so I will update with some photos of our veg growing project in due course.

We have also invested in a new climbing frame and have some cargo net and trapeze bars coming to go along with it, a fabulous bit of kit for the garden that will see my house is kept relatively child free and tidy fora few months of the nice weather.

We just came back from the fabulous Big Bang Science and Engineering Fair in Birmingham which we all thoroughly enjoyed, not just because of the fair but the fabulous home ed families we spend a few days away with catching up and having fun.

We also did a quick trip to Cadbury's world whilst we where in Birmingham, well it would have been rude not too...

On the work front we have been working on lots of reading and maths, they are both doing very well and Olivia has made great strides in understanding maths concepts, Oliver has become very confident with maths and he was particularly excited when I showed him the Japanese way of multiplication and found it easy to grasp.


Olivia has been keenly self-learning the guitar, violin and keyboard with quite a lot of enthusiasm.

Although Oliver always seems very concerned as she gets so frustrated with herself, she can often spend the whole lesson crying, this is her way and I just tell him to leave her to it, and we all vacate the room whilst she is in the throws of crying concentration.

All in all it has been a lovely few months and I should really keep up with this blog....

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