Thursday, 24 March 2016

Home Educated Kids Shoved in a Bedroom All day..

Oh look at that my poor home educated kids who are stuck in their bedrooms all day, have actually managed to escape for the day and experienced the 'real world' (said in sarcasm in response to those people who think we shove our kids in bedrooms all day) that rather 'far from reality' comment that keeps popping up and I have heard on quite a few occasions over the past few months...).

Today was a Museum day with a couple of other home educating families - Olivers focus was 'as per usual' on the Dinosaurs, he also managed to stump one of the curators by asking a question regarding the Ichtyosaur and Plesiosaur, and why they where not classed as dinosaurs and thought to be more related to the Dolphin... He has decided to do a bit of research and find out why and how fossils are classed as Dinosaurs, the curator gave him a start by stating that is was down to DNA

Oliver decided to email a question to "Dinosaurs from Top to Bottom" - Mike Walley?, a show we are going to in April all about Dinosaurs and their digestion, and the audience is invited to submit questions to the team beforehand.

He did also look online and found the topic of Taxonomy (biology) which did correspond to the curators response of DNA, hopefully this can all be explained in a simplistic form to him and he can go and digest and do some further research.

In our group where some new home educators who have only been HE for a short time, it was nice to meet some new faces.

Olivia had a quiet day and was rather subdued all day, she hardly spoke to anyone and seemed a little withdrawn and tired, probably down to the fact that we where up late watching Jesus Christ Superstar... Louby La La is not one for late nights, she is an early riser and likes her early nights, so it is early bed tonight...... 

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