Sunday, 17 April 2016

Breakdowns and concerts.

It has been a busy week particularly with work where I have picked up a client that has lots of vintage items that she wanted selling.

My stock room has just been overhauled with new shelving and I thought I had lots of space spare until the vintage treasure trove arrived, I have spent many many hours listing these beautiful items and researching their value and slowly getting through the listing process, a quarter of the haul is listed so I have a long way to go before I manage to get through the lot.

In between listing we managed to get to a birthday party we where invited to in Blackpool which was an adventure in itself as we managed to pick up a flat tyre on the motorway on our way there, my trusty Touran does not have a spare tyre so we had to call out the rescue man who was fantastic with the kids, he even let Oliver lift the car down from the ramp, Oliver has been talking about breakdown rescue for quite a while so it seems he has experienced a life long goal of finding out what a roadside rescue man does, and to top it if he got to lower the car from the ramp, Oliver was so suitably impressed he promised the man he would put him in his book that he is currently writing.

They had a lot of fun on the verge too, running amongst the trees and spotting strange insects including one that looked like a worm with purple stripes...

Although we where very late for the party the kids had great fun at the Sandcastle waterpark and we spent all afternoon splashing around, what a great place, I cannot believe it has taken me so long to get there, we will definitely be going back.

We also managed to get some tickets to see Watoto Childrens Choir at Kings Church in Bolton

What a fabulous concert, those kids are brilliant, so lively and such beautiful voices, they shared  their stories and wowed the audience. The back story of Watoto is an inspirational one, whether you are religious or not it fills you with hope and is a story that demonstrates adversity can be overcome with a little will and a helping hand.

Most of the children have been orphaned due to war and HIV and other disease, the Ugandan Watoto village raises funds by sponsorship of the children and various other fund raising events, the choir being one of them.

The twins have definitely been inspired by the concert, they have listened to the CD non stop all week and have asked for bible stories, so we have started on the Candle Bible Stories that they had given to them when they where christened, they already know a lot of the stories in the bible and enjoyed going over some of the stories they already know and they raised a lot of questions.

Kings church itself is a fabulous church, very lively and very friendly, it is a shame we do not live closer, I would have made it my regular haunt, sadly I have never found anything with the same amount of life in my area and I tend to find myself yawning by the end of session so I gave up a long while ago.

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