Friday, 1 April 2016


The news today blew me away, I  had an inbox this morning from Conquer Maths that states...

 Boffins recalculate Pi to 3.37

They go on to say,  lengthy study by scientists at the Orbicular Research Institute at the University of Hull has just concluded that Pi is no longer 3.142 (3 d.p.).
The study, which has taken into account such factors as rotational speed of the Earth, the steady geomagnetic reversal of Earth and melting polar ice caps means that maths text books around the globe will need to be rewritten.
Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan announced this morning that the changes will be implemented into the National Curriculum from next September.
ConquerMaths will of course be modifying its lessons to comply with the new rules in time for the change.

Pi: 3.14 not any more!

So does this mean we get more Pizza for our money?

The short answer is ‘Yes’! Before this announcement, if you purchased a 12” pizza, you could expect around 113 square inches of pizza. Under the new rules, pizza companies will need to give you a surface area of 121 square inches, a gain of 8 square inches!

A pizza, yesterday

What else will change?

It’ll take a little longer to fly around the world. It currently takes around 8 hours to fly from London to New York. The changes to Pi mean that this journey is expected to increase by around half an hour.
Environmentalists are concerned that the increased fuel use could negate many green initiatives. Brian Dogood from Greenpeas said: “In this current climate where we’re trying to reduce carbon emissions, it seems ludicrous that the government should entertain such a radical change which will further deplete our fossil fuel resources as well as clog the sky with dirt and chemtrails.”

What do you think?

I am torn… you can’t argue with maths or physics but does that make this decision right? Share your comments with us!....

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