Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Lego, Lego, Lego....


One thing we use a lot of in this house is Lego... I am forever standing on bits of bricks lying around on the floor, the kids play with Lego daily.

Last year we received the Lego Story Starter Pack and it had a great literacy curriculum to go with it, Lego Education have a fantastic array of educational resources to use with their Lego, you can find out more about that here from their Website...

They also have a FREE Lego Magazine, which we receive, Oliver has no interest and leaves Lego to Oliver so he has claimed the magazine for himself, he really enjoys it's arrival.

Oliver and Olivia have decided they want to create a Lego movie, this will be their first adventure into stop motion videos. They love making videos so I have set them a task where they have to make up a script and them present the finished thing. 

This is another task in working together as a team which they usually take on with ease, they fall into the dynamics and spread out their strengths and weakness, but as they are twins it is like a duck takes to water when it comes to working together for those two, thick as thieves they are...ha ha..

Hopefully I will update this post in the near future with their finished film....

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