Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Dinsaurs from Top to Bottom

Today was a very exciting day, we had a trip to Daresbury Laboratory in Warrington, the place is a fascinating place and is renowned for its world leading scientific research in fields such as accelerator science, bio-medicine, physics, chemistry, materials, engineering and computational science. 

We where lucky enough to get tickets for the Dinosaurs from Top to Bottom Lecture presented by Mike Walley, great lecture, Oliver took part in being the biggest baddest T-Rex and asked his questions, the kids really enjoyed it.

The lecture was audience participation based so all the kids really got stuck in volunteering themselves to demonstrate the evolution of the T-Rex through to Dinosaur digestion.

Mike Walley did a great job of sharing the news of great new discoveries in the dinosaur world, he has great experience of delivering dinosaur workshops and his experience shines through.

His websites with details of his palaeontology and everything dinosaur has some great download resources.

Daresbury has an open day on 9th July so that is something else for us to pop in our calender, lots of science stuff to see and do on that day......

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